Moved by The Words of My Child

I went shopping with my daughter yesterday for a “dressy” pair of pants she needed for a play she will be attending with her school.  If you knew my daughter, you would know that dressy is not her thing.  But, off we went to find a compromise that would be acceptable to the school and that she could live with. As we were standing in line, she looked over and saw a series of books that she said her brother had wanted.  She got out of line, picked up all four books and got back in line to stand next to me.  I told her that I really didn’t want to get those right now.  She looked at me and said, “No mom, I’m getting them for him, with my birthday money.”  I smiled to myself, not wanting her to know that I was extremely touched and overly pleased (which doesn’t always go over very well with a 14 year old). In the car, she kept touching the books, running her fingers over the impression of the words on the old-fashioned style cover.  Finally she said, “Mom, it feels good to be able to give something to someone”.  I nodded and thought for the first time in a long time, that maybe I had been listening and paying attention to my own mother, after all. It seems I got something right, if only for this one moment.

Giving does feel good. That’s why Moves With A Purpose speaks to me.  This team is not just about making as much money as possible to line the inside of an agent’s change purse.  It’s about helping our clients and giving back to the greater Savannah community.  Our clients, both home buyers and sellers are most important.  Without them, we would not be able to give back.  We aim to make sure we do right by them, to create a winning relationship for everyone, so that our team can move forward in its mission.  When we create relationships with our clients that last, we are able to continue our support of local non-profits and charities that help Coastal Georgia to grow and be better.

It does feel good to give.  It feels good to know that we are helping to bring comfort, a smile, a meal, a purpose, or hope to those who need it.  In return, it brings us comfort, feeds our hearts, and allows us to not just hope, but move towards a better purpose.  A purpose which can affect the lives of so many in our local community.

To see more of the Coastal Georgia non-profits and charities that we have been able to work with, please visit our website at

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