ListHub Terminates Contract with Trulia

In the real estate world, it’s all over the front pages.  ListHub, the leading provider of home listings to over 560 search engines, just terminated their relationship with Trulia, one of the major players in the home search market and just recently acquired by Zillow. What does this mean for home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents nationally and in the greater Savannah community?

This recent relationship termination between Trulia and ListHub is definitely making headlines, but the real estate community has long had concerns about the reliability of second-party search sites like Trulia, Zillow, and others.  Old listings which have long been sold, unreliable information regarding home values, extended uploading time for new listings, and listings credited to the wrong agents have been just some of the complaints voiced by the real estate community regarding the service provided by these search providers.

It is being predicted, that because of this termination with Trulia and the possible non-renewal of the contract between ListHub and Zillow coming in April, agents will be forced to enter listing information manually into each home search provider.  Of course, this is only one more little step, but a step that can take additional time.

While Trulia and Zillow have definitely provided a valuable service in regards to real estate searches, searching homes directly through one of the MLS listing sites can often be much more reliable.  The Savannah MLS is the listing service available to any licensed agent in the greater Savannah area and is the number one place that local agents go to list their properties.

One great way to search for Savannah MLS properties is with the Keller Williams Home Search App. Not only is this app free, but it allows home buyers and home-sellers access to properties on their mobile device as soon as they are listed in the Savannah Multiple Listing Service by agents.  When you enter your agent’s exclusive code, it even allows you to automatically communicate with your agent about your properties of interest.  By clicking on the link below, you can get information on downloading this valuable Savannah real estate search tool.

App Link

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